Tacopop Østerbro

Odensegade 20, 2100 København Ø

Opening in 7 hours

PICK-UP IN: 30 min
50 min
Opening hours



Delicious snacks to open your appetite

Nachos de

Gluten free Nacho Chips (Totopos) with green tomato salsa, beans and the meat of your choice or Vegan/Vegetarian with guacamole.

Quesadilla x3

Gluten Free corn tortilla with melted cheese , guacamole and green tomato salsa.

Capitalist tacos

Choose 3 different types of taco (Taco Tuesdays;choose 4, write a comment or we choose one for you)

Socialist tacos

3 tacos of the same type. Authentic Mexican Tacos with Gluten free Corn tortilla, meat and a free salsa of your choice.

Tacopop Bag 10

A bag containing everything warm you need to make your own Tacos (Guacamole not included): Tortillas (40) Ecological pork (Cochinita Pibil) Chicken (Pollo macho spicy) (contains traces of gluten) Vegan Chorizo Lettuce Cilantro Salsa Please let us know if you need plates and napkins.

Tacopop bowls

Gringas de

30 cm wheat tortilla, folded, with melted cheese, meat , salad on the side and a free salsa of your choice.

Burritos de

Rolled 30 Cm wheat tortilla, with refried beans, salad and greent tomato salsa and the meat/filling of your choosing a free salsa of your choice.


Make your food even more tasty with these Extras


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